Peak Performance Rehab & Wellness was founded with a commitment to assist patients through a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to health and fitness. We believe that this integrated perspective adds value to our patients and ultimately will create an environment that focuses on your total well-being.

At Peak Performance Rehab & Wellness, we offer a range of services for every wellness goal, from day-to-day health and fitness, personal injury care, to sports performance training and rehabilitation. The family-oriented nature of our center provides the opportunity for individuals to participate in various programs that focus on positive health behaviors, and injury prevention.

At Peak Performance Rehab & Wellness our diligence sets us apart, and we do our very best to get to the root cause of every issue.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality care and service. We view our patients as our valued partners and are privileged to serve the needs of our community.

We are proud to bring together a state of the art facility with accomplished and passionate healthcare professionals; our goal being to offer comprehensive wellness and integrated programs that transform our patients’ lives.  


  • Thank you so much to the team at Peak Performance for making the time to see my husband on such short notice. All your recommendations have been immensely helpful. Thank you.

    Kathy S.

  • The doctors at Peak Performance Rehab are truly excellent and very experienced with their work. A very passionate group.You really listened to my complaints and found the source of the problem. Thanks again!

    Erica H.

  • Dr. Majano does an excellent job of diagnosing, treating the cause, and referring to other health professionals, if necessary. I am very pleased with his expertise in helping me recover from my injuries so that I can return to the gym faster.

    Chris M.

  • As a professional athlete, my rehabilitation was crucial to my work. Dr. Howard and staff are professional and very knowledgeable in their chiropractic service and I strongly recommended their facility.

    Ron B.