We’re proud to offer a Doctor-supervised weight loss program. The programs at Peak Performance Rehab & Wellness is a unique and easy-to-follow weight loss program that combines supplementation with a nutrient-rich meal plan focused on eating small portions throughout the day while minimizing fat intake and eliminating carbohydrates, dairy and sugar. We employ a step-by-step process to ensure great results, as well as equip you with the tools you need to build a lifestyle based on good, healthy eating habits.

Take a personalized approach to find out which program is best for you. Using our research, our team of experts will carefully review your medical history to help you develop a tailored whole-body plan, so you can confidently take the right path. We offer a detailed, results-driven weight loss program with guidance of our doctors and individualized plans.

For clients who have different nutritional goals other than weight loss we have the perfect solution for you.

Our mission at Peak Performance Rehab & Wellness is to give our patients the right mix of nutrition education, counseling and culinary resources to make a balanced and delicious diet an easy addition to any lifestyle. Dr. Kourtni Howard DC will target your diet challenges with effective solutions that fit your schedule, budget and taste preferences.

We all know that what you eat and your lifestyle play important roles in your overall wellness. What you may not know is how these factors affect your mental and physical health and what you can do to improve.

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  • Thank you so much to the team at Peak Performance for making the time to see my husband on such short notice. All your recommendations have been immensely helpful. Thank you.

    Kathy S.

  • The doctors at Peak Performance Rehab are truly excellent and very experienced with their work. A very passionate group.You really listened to my complaints and found the source of the problem. Thanks again!

    Erica H.

  • Dr. Majano does an excellent job of diagnosing, treating the cause, and referring to other health professionals, if necessary. I am very pleased with his expertise in helping me recover from my injuries so that I can return to the gym faster.

    Chris M.

  • As a professional athlete, my rehabilitation was crucial to my work. Dr. Howard and staff are professional and very knowledgeable in their chiropractic service and I strongly recommended their facility.

    Ron B.